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Jimmy2017_001Jimmy D Robinson, often referred to as the “Million Dollar Broker,” a native of West Palm Beach, FL, is the founder of Jimmyland Corporation. Robinson is also the owner of J Music Group and Mind Juice Records, two burgeoning independent record labels with abundant catalogues of original Billboard-charting songs from iconic musicians like: A Flock of Seagulls, Melba Moore, and Carol Jiani, as well as several street and club artists. With seven U.S. hit singles and numerous European club chart hits under his belt, Robinson’s successful venture into dance and chill music has been a stroke of genius and luck. Robinson curates all of Mind Juice Records and J Music Group’s releases, which draw inspiration from lyrics found in his sixteen self-published modern poetry books.

The son of a single mom who waited tables to support the family, Robinson felt the unfortunate tribulations of poverty, but escaped his reality through all things artistic. Robinson’s creative journey began when his ardent grandmother taught him to compose poetry as a small child. His penchant for all things creative led him to a fascination with modern art, local music and dance. 

During his early teen years, Robinson’s escape was disco. He credits Donna Summer and Michael Jackson as the most influential acts in his music production. After high school, Robinson attended Palm Beach Junior College for a few semesters. He eventually made his way to New York City where he became one of the original NYC club kids. Robinson was obsessed with big city nightlife and loved to groove all night long to the hottest songs from the biggest DJs on the greatest dance floors. In the early 1980’s Robinson spent many nights dancing and partying it up at legendary clubs like: Studio 54, The Saint, The Palladium, and many other hotspots.

In 1983, Robinson left “The Big Apple” to work in and live in Columbus, Ohio, an unlikely place for the nightlife animal. It was during these years that forged relationships with lower companions and developed a passion for drugs and intense living.  

In 1990, Robinson fled his lifestyle in Columbus, Ohio and ventured to Paris, France. He entered culinary school at the Ritz Escoffier. Robinson loved expressing himself through cooking. However, his rebel heart travelled with him to Europe and he grew weary of the culinary arts business. With an uncertain fate, he abandoned the culinary track to cultivate a special creative gift inside his soul, which was begging to be unleashed. Searching for his true artistic voice, Robinson hit rock bottom and found himself back in West Palm Beach, Florida, experiencing a period of drug abuse & futility throughout the ‘90s.

Destitute and full of despair, Jimmy D Robinson began meditating and connecting to a power higher. Searching for answers and meaning from life, Robinson began engaging in tête-à-têtes with Spirit. Artistic dialogs flowed into Jimmy’s consciousness via golden streams of poetic phrase creating wonderful poetry.  He immediately put pen to paper and allowed this meditative trance is his mind to be transcribed on scraps of paper or anything he could find to write on. The most revered poetry in his early books was written during these illuminated times. He would focus on the moon, the stars, the clouds, and the sun, searching for anything that would give him hope—hope to live, to overcome, and to triumph. It can be said that Divine poetry saved Mr. Robinson's life. The poetry allowed him to reflect and look inward. Gradually, he found the more he meditated and wrote, the better he felt. Becoming a poet came on mystically for Jimmy D Robinson.

Robinson got back on his feet spiritually, mentally, and fiscally. His work and associations began to flourish. Soon after his recovery, Robinson was introduced to the world of rare art through a well-to-do friend.  Through hard work and dedication, Robinson rose to become designated as one of the top art brokers in the world. He established Jimmy D Robinson, Inc. an international rare art brokerage firm, which specializes in brokering Korean, Japanese, Hudson River School, American impressionism, contemporary, and American and European painting and sculpture. Robinson’s firm also deals multi-million dollar paintings to private clientele, museums, and prestigious corporations worldwide.

Jimmy2017_002With the financial means to publish his own works of poetic art, Robinson began to share is poems and verses with the world. The publishing of his poetry books stands as testament for his readers to recognize that no matter what depths a person can tumble to, there is always hope and an opportunity for change, if they look inward and seek support from a higher source.

Robinson’s published works have earned him a sterling reputation in the world of publishing and music. Widely recognized as one of today’s most prolific writers, Robinson’s poetry, lyrics, and dance music productions reflect the hardships he has endured and the joys of overcoming them. Penning his words with stark reality—writing of the human condition—loneliness, love, desperation, and hope, Robinson uses his craft to convey his celebration of life. For several years, Robinson has gifted his highly praised poetry books to presenters and nominees at the Grammy® Awards, the Radio Music Awards, the American Music Awards and the Latin Grammy® Awards.

In 2007, Jimmy D Robinson established his first record label J Music Group and ventured into the recording studio to begin setting his poetry to music. Robinson’s debut full-length CD was titled “Mind Juice,” which was also the title of the first hardcover in his sixteen-book anthology. The inspirational and uplifting “Mind Juice” album was composed by Bruno Linares and narrated by James Randolph. The release spawned Robinson’s first international dance chart hit, “A Tiny Shoe.” The dance remix project pushed “A Tiny Shoe” to #6 on the Billboard Club Play chart and #7 on the UK Music Week chart.

After the success of “A Tiny Shoe,” Robinson worked with various Miami based artists and produced three more international hit dance records with his poems: “In The Night”( #4 on Billboard Club), “At Midnight” (#24 on Billboard Club), and “Lost in You” (#34 on Billboard Club).

Continuing in the dance music genre, Robinson began working with worldwide dance diva Carol Jiani. Together they recorded the #2 UK Music Week Chart hit “Broken.” On his next single, Jimmy D Robinson stepped up to the microphone himself and recorded the single “One More Chance,” which features stunning vocals of music legend Melba Moore.

In 2016, Robinson founded Mind Juice Records under his Jimmyland Corporation to begin a creative journey into downtempo deep house and chill lounge music.  He teamed up again with Carol Jiani for “Heaven Earth Man,” which landed on Billboard’s Club Play chart at # 38, the Europe’s Hit des Club chart at # 18, The Buzz Charts at #3, and Music Week chart at # 9.

Jimmy2017_003Jimmy D Robinson also forged a creative collaboration with the Grammy-winning group “A Flock of Seagulls” and international producer Josh Harris to create a full album of songs, titled “Living in Time,” which also uses various Robinson poems. Their first project single release, “Ageless Prince,” is climbing dance charts around the world. Next slated for release in 2017, are “In The Garden” and “Pedro.”

Robinson continues to work with exceptional music producing talent and the biggest names in dance culture including: Moto Blanco, Rare Candy, Roland Faber, Mauro Mozart, Danny Mart, Roger Grey, Jason Callender, RadioPunks, Daniel Slam, Jay C & Danny Phillips, Josh Harris, FC Nond, Zur-Face, Edie Baez, Hoop, Jose Velez, Timothy Allan, The Perry Twins, Twisted Dee, Tracy Young, Rafael M, Klubjumpers, Mark Loverush, Kinky Roland, Loverush UK,  Arenna, Edson Pride, and Erick Fabbi.

Today, Jimmy D Robinson’s poetry set to music is heard by the masses throughout the world—in clubs, on radio, via satellite, and streaming on the internet. With a progressive and futuristic sound, Robinson has written and produced 47 CDs, tallying 284 selections in his arsenal of music, which is available on itunes, Amazon MP3, CDBaby, Spotify and everywhere music is sold.